Polyurethane: Greater efficiency for wind turbines

Wind Energy

Wind turbines are getting more powerful all the time, but also larger and more complex. Experts from Covestro are now developing new material solutions at the Wind Energy Competence Center in Denmark to cut costs and cycle times in wind turbine manufacturing.
Kim Klausen
Kim Klausen, CEO Covestro Nordic

Kim H. Klausen, CEO of Covestro in the Nordics and the Baltics, is the spearhead of Covestro’s global initiative within wind power.

Concept for turbine blades

The rotor blades are made of dozens of layers of glass or carbon fiber composite mats, which are placed individually in a female mold, bonded with an epoxy resin and cured. Our work involves everything from the core of the blade to the material at the very edge of the wing, its coating and the adhesive that is used to glue it together. We are currently working on the development of a total concept for wind turbine blades.