EcoCommercial Building program

Covestro forms network to pursue net zero built environment

Owners, architects, developers, contractors – all involved in the development of eco-friendly commercial building projects have one thing in common – the need to make informed decisions about a diverse range of “green” technologies and how their use will impact the bottom line. The consequence of each decision is cumulative, impacting both immediate investment outlays and long-term building performance.
Low-energy house
Low energy house in Odense, Denmark

The EcoCommercial Building network addresses these issues with innovative materials, products and services – and the data, performance metrics and analysis needed to predict how a fully operational building will perform. Through the EcoCommercial Building network, building professionals gain access to a portfolio of industry-leading sustainable building products ... and comprehensive support from our materials experts, manufacturers, architects, engineers, energy modelers, financial consultants and researchers.

The result? A single point of entry into a world of products and services that can help building professionals achieve economic and environmental objectives.