Students explore a world of plastics

Covestro Sciencelab

The aim of Covestro Sciencelab is to increase schoolchildren’s interest in science.

The lack of interest in science affects young people’s choice of education, and there are fewer and fewer applicants to natural science programs at universities. If this tendency continues, it may ultimately slow down the technological development.

Through practical training and experiments, Covestro offers the students and insight in the technique, research and science behind high-tech products such as MP3-players, mobile phones, wind turbine blades etc.

Danish students visit high-tech laboratory

Covestro Nordic offers students to come visit the modern student laboratory Covestro Sciencelab. Here, the students will have the opportunity to conduct research and create a plastic product from the idea stage to the final product, focusing on everything from research and development to design process, production, financing and marketing.

Covestro Sciencelab in Leverkusen

Covestro Sciencelab is located in Leverkusen and is part of Covestro. The laboratory is aimed at students and others within the educational system. Since 2008, classes from Marie Kruse Skolen in Farum, Espergærde Gymnasium, Højstrupskolen in Vollsmose, Perstorp Gymnasimun in Skåne and chemistry teachers across Denmark have visited Covestro Sciencelab.

The visits have been a great success and learning how science can be applied in practice has been a true eye-opening experience for several students